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ACT Through Music Suicide Prevention & Awareness Scholarship

Are you a high school senior looking for scholarship opportunities? As a high school member of the Class of 2024, please consider applying for the ACT Through Music Suicide Prevention & Awareness Scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship will be awarded $300. 



1) Fill out the application form located in the attached PDF document. 

2) Please create a short video OR essay submission to ACT Through Music Inc. using the prompt:

"Tell us what suicide prevention and awareness means to you. And, how has music impacted your mental health?"

3) Submit your completed application form and video OR essay to by April 30th. We ask that you use a PERSONAL EMAIL to submit these documents. 

**Note: Scholarship is for Class of 2024 high school seniors only. 

About the scholarship...

$300 award

ACT Through Music began as a passion for preventing an individual from taking their own life and the subsequent pain felt by their friends and family. ACT serves as a memory of Adam Christopher Turell and enforces the importance of awareness through music and community. ACT Through Music Inc. was formed for the charitable purpose of helping to raise awareness and prevent suicide in children ages 12-18 years. 


As a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our organization provides online and print materials, distributes “ACT Kits” to local schools, and important information on phone numbers to call/text when in crisis. These unique “ACT Kits” for children ages 12 to 18 include stress balls, journals/pens, and words of encouragement that focus on mental health. In addition to mental health kits, ACT Through Music Inc. established an annual scholarship for high school students.

Throwing Caps


We would like to congratulate our THREE scholarship recipients for the Class of 2023! Their outstanding work and dedication have each earned them a scholarship to put towards a college/university, trade school, or the workforce. We wish you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors! 

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